Business Analysis and Requirements for Business and IT
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Executives need someone to provide the right information to make fact based decisions regarding the best way to use limited resources (people, processes, tools, budgets, time, facilities) to meet or exceed annual and strategic goals.

Today's challenge is that executives often feel that analysts do not take time to understand the business domain before they design a solution.  One reason is that business analysis courses are too IT centric. 

BACoE resolves this challenge by providing a complete picture.  The approach is common sense and anyone may learn it. 

BACoE will be glad to provide the analysis or to train your team.

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BACoE provides clarity you need

As an executive / management / process owner I need to know if I have the resources and roadmap
to meet or exceed my annual and strategic goals.

BACoE did business analysis on industry business analysis courses and practices. After more than three years of analysis, two key observations are:

  • “Executives, management and process owners do not understand the value of business analysts because only a handful apply critical thinking to understand the business problem, operations and success criteria that should drive the solution design.” 

  • Industry business analysis  (BA) courses are very IT centric.  In addition, they explain WHAT BA is rather than to focus on HOW to analyze the business. 

BACoE resolves this challenges with a unique approach that aligns goals, business operations, technology and financial perspectives into an easy to understand framework.  This gives you the clarity that you are currently not getting.

Compare BACoE deliverable(s) to the information you currently get:
  • Current state findings (process, people, tools, Cost of Ownership: day-to-day and impacts, time, facilities, business impacts by business priority).  NOTE: findings are based on BACOE Value Delivery Framework and/or industry maturity framework.
  • Recommendations and business benefit (internal and/or vendor if requested).
  • Solution architecture (process, people, tools, Cost to Achieve, new Cost of Ownership, time, facilities).
  • Strategic roadmap.
  • Solution benefits comparison scorecard (business case if requested). 

    Duration: target a 2 month window.  May differ depending on requested scope.
    As an executive, CIO and COO I need to rationalize my portfolio
    and reduce change project cycle-time, costs and errors.

    Do you know the cost of requirement documents?  To get a ball park figure simply add the costs of the requirements and solution design project phases.  Do this for every project across one fiscal year.  Now, do this for the prior two fiscal years to get an average cost.  So what?  Well, BACoE did analysis on business analysis (BA) practices and found out that these documents are stored but rarely re-used.  Again, so what?  What if projects reused business process and technology knowledge acquired by the various projects?  Well, for one, it would build a business and technology knowledge base that multiple stakeholders could leverage. 

    • Executives: they already feel that analysts do not conduct proper analysis of the business operations. Availing project process artifacts to the business would allow them to jump start analysis and reduce project cycle time. 
    • CIO and COO: an aligned business and technology repository significantly enhances the ability to rationalize operational and application portfolios. 
    • Projects: most projects re-create process and technology artifacts.  Most of them are difficult to align to each other.  Project teams are paid to provide solutions yet their own operational and tool environments operate as silos.
    • Other stakeholders: developers (in-house, outsourced), testers, training, maintenance and support, processs and application owners, human resources (on-boarding), enterprise architects, strategic planners, auditors and operations managers could reuse these artifacts. 

      BACoE welcomes the opportunity to enhance your efforts to
      work smarter and to do more with less by reusing this expensive and valuable knowledge.

      Deliverable consists of a re-usable aligned business and technology inventory (MSExcel or MSAccess)
      • Option A-Existing Artifacts: build repository based on any available project artifacts
      • Option B-New Artifacts: build repository by creating new artifacts

      Duration: target 4 month window.  Adoption, deployment, management and control is a separate project.


      "I am known as a problem solver now."


      "BACoE's Concept of Operations removed the communication barriers between the different stakeholders and management levels. Now everyone is on the same page, solutions make sense and my customers are satisfied."


      "The IT project was a success, but the customer does not use it. They said we automated a cumbersome process that slowed their ability to meet their business targets.  BACoE's Business Requirements taught me to listen to my stakeholders rather than to rush to automation. Process analysis is the key to great solutions. Together we are now building solutions that work." 

      Our business analysis courses are for both Business and IT professionals.  Invest in yourself

      BACoE Training

      • Hosted at your facilities
      • ADDIE based course content and delivery design
      • 2-4 day course with exercises
      • (Optional) Skills assessment based on industry and/or your organization's criteria
      • (Optional) Use BACoE BA content, yours or a hybrid
      • (Optional) Just-In-Time team skills refresher to align inhouse/consultant skills during Project Initiation Phase